Friday, July 29, 2011

"What happens when make-believe believes it's real?"

I got this week's illustration done just in time! I'm running to catch a bus to Montreal for the weekend, to see some horror movies at "Fantasia Fest". Should be good times. For this week's entry, i did one of the more memorable monster designs of the last ten years, the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth. Here's a plot synopsis taken from

"In 1944 fascist Spain, a girl, fascinated with fairy-tales, is sent along with her pregnant mother to live with her new stepfather, a ruthless captain of the Spanish army. During the night, she meets a fairy who takes her to an old faun in the center of the labyrinth. He tells her she's a princess, but must prove her royalty by surviving three gruesome tasks. If she fails, she will never prove herself to be the the true princess and will never see her real father, the king, again."

The pale man is the creepiest part of the film, and i was happy to do an illustration to help express that.

I'm off to Montreal, see you guys next week.

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