Friday, July 1, 2011

"The darkest day of horror the world has ever known."

Sorry for the semi-late entry this week, the local print shop was closed early for Canada day. This week's entry is the third in a seminal horror trilogy, "Day of the Dead".

I chose the world's most sympathetic zombie, "Bub". In "Day of the Dead", the zombies have basically won. The last rag-tag group of surviving humans live in a bunker in Florida, arguing with each other and desperately trying to teach zombies not to eat us. Bub is the most successful example of training a dead person to not see human beings as food. He's able to recall some memories such as how to salute (he was in the army.), learning how to use a walkman, and mock-shaving with a razor.

Of course, this all proves to be for nothing when the facility is invaded by the living dead. "Day of the Dead" might be my favourite in the original trilogy of Romero zombie movies, but they're all pretty amazing. No Romero zombie movies exist after "Day of the Dead".

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