Thursday, August 25, 2011

"The only thing more terrifying than the last five minutes of this film are the first 90!"

The illustration this week is for the classic film, "Suspiria". Directed by Dario Argento in 1977, The film tells the story of Suzy Bannion, a new arrival at a German ballet academy that may be a secret coven of witches. The story is really an excuse to revel in nightmarish imagery, a pounding and shrieking score by the Italian band "Goblin", and a hallucinatory wash of colours. Truly, one of my top five horror films of all time. It is necessary viewing for anyone seriously interested in film.

I tried to reflect on the strange and vibrant colours and horrifying atmosphere of the film, while including some nods to my favourite moments. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for checking out my work.

Check out the trailer here!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"It's A Headache From Hell!"

Today's Feature Creature is from the 1988 film, "Brain Damage", a strange and relatively unknown cult film about a guy named Brian living in New York who becomes host to a eel-like parasite named Aylmer. Aylmer needs human brains to live, so he injects Brian with a mysterious blue drug that induces euphoria. Brian becomes dependent on the drug, and is forced into helping Aylmer kill.

A sick and twisted metaphorical addiction story, "Brain Damage" is a greatly entertaining film. The acting and characterization are barely there, but it sports a fast pace, some wonderfully disgusting kills, and a wonderful villain in Aylmer. Singing, persuading and charming his way towards human brains, Aylmer is quite endearing. He's voiced by a famous tv horror host by the name of Zacherley, and he's the best part of the whole thing. Add some surreal drug trips, some gritty New York locales, and old-school stop motion effects, and you got a winner.

Check out the trailer here!

Listen to Aylmer's song!

Friday, August 12, 2011

"Man is The Warmest Place to Hide."

This week's entry brings me to my absolute, #1, favourite monster movie of all time. John Carpenter's classic of science fiction horror, "The Thing".

Starring Kurt Russell at his best, "The Thing" takes place at an antarctic research facility. The crew of the station are thrown into a state of utter paranoia when they find out that one or more of the men are not what they appear to be. A shape-shifting alien entity has infiltrated their midst, and it can be anything, or anyone to defend itself and pick them off one by one.

If you haven't seen "The Thing", please go see "The Thing". It stands shoulder-to-shoulder with movies like "Alien", and it's a classic across the board, most notably special effects. The puppetry, prosthetic work and other practical effects in this film are untouchable. Some of the best monster effects ever put to screen. The writing and characters are great, the score is moody and memorable, and the suspense just ratchets up as the film progresses.

What i'm trying to say is that i enjoyed the film.

I tried to go all out for my illustration, and i hope you enjoy it.

Check out the trailer here!