Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Sci-Fi that Reaches Out and Grabs You!"

This week's entry is probably the most obscure monster yet, from a rarely seen Japanese monster movie called "Zeiram". The plot involves the titular bio-engineered killing machine landing on Earth, while a bounty hunter and her sassy computer take on the job of catching "Zeiram". They imprison the monster in a desolate alternate dimension that looks just like Japan, and set about catching the fiend. Unfortunately, two bumbling electricians get caught up in the trap, and hilarity ensues.

"Zeiram" is just plain entertaining. It's got some surprisingly great special effects, an interesting and iconic monster, and some decent action. You even get a little stop-motion animation for your money. The real draw here is "Zeiram" himself (herself?). Resembling a samurai from another dimension, he's a 9 foot tall humanoid creature with a head resembling a giant hat, a red slit for an eye, and a horrifying little face in his forehead that likes to shoot out on a tentacle and bite people. He also has the power to generate horrible fleshy minions with baby faces. Just some great and cheesy rubber-suited monster fun.

I wanted the illustration this week to evoke the idea of both old-school movie posters, and a "wanted" poster, as it's befitting the alien criminal from the film. Hope you enjoy!

Check out the trailer here!

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