Thursday, July 14, 2011

Retro Triple-Feature!

Hello all! Firstly, i'd like thank all the new followers who have joined up to the Tumblr version of this blog in the past week. It's really great to see people joining up over time.

Sadly, due to me being both under the weather and out of town for most of this past week, i don't have a brand-spanking new entry for you. But that doesn't mean i'm going to give you nothing to look at! Firstly, for those viewers living in Toronto, i'm working on a poster that should be done by early next week. It's for a great show on the 23rd at the "Toronto Underground Cinema" , a 35mm screening of Lamberto Bava's "Demons", and Dario Argento's "Deep Red". I'll be selling illustrations before and after the show, so come by if you can, and buy a print! Here's a sneak preview!

Look for the full image early next week!

Secondly, as this is the 10th entry in this weekly series, i thought i'd show you three pieces from my past that paid tribute to some of my favourite villains and monsters. These were, for obvious reasons, from an art show named "Villains", at a local gallery in Toronto.

"The Abominable Dr.Phibes"

Vincent Price plays the disfigured and mad Dr.Anton Phibes, obsessed with getting revenge on five prominent surgeons who failed to save his wife. The abominable Dr.Phibes utilizes the ten plagues of Egypt as his schematic for revenge, leading to some pretty inventive death sequences. Vincent Price gets the opportunity to chew the crap out of the scenery with some great villainous monologues, and always a tongue firmly in cheek. A wonderfully lavish take on the "Phantom of the Opera", with a darkly wry sense of humour. An absolute classic!

Watch the (amazing) trailer here!


A grimy, dusty, overall dirty take on a post-apocalyptic world, "Hardware" stretches the limitations of it's indie budget to create a fully-realized universe. Mo returns home from the nuclear wasteland with a present for his artist girlfriend; an abandoned robot head. Unbeknownst to him, it's the remains of a military-grade killer android, and it's still alive. The robot (The Mark-13, look up the bible passage.) is wonderfully realized, all flailing limbs and glowing-red eyes, with nasty needles for teeth, and saw-blade arms. Even more iconic, before the robot goes on a killing spree, Mo's girlfriend, Jill, paints an American flag on it's head as a statement. Fun stuff. Look for a cameo by Lemmy, and the angry voice of Iggy Pop!

Watch the trailer here!

"The Deadly Spawn"

Goofy monster with an amazing puppet. Shoe-string sci-fi horror at it's greatest, "The Deadly Spawn" depends entirely on it's creature. Luckily, it has a totally memorable monster to boast. A meteor crashes to Earth, bringing with it the spores of an ever-growing, ever-mutating eating machine. It hides out in the basement of a nearby house, eating anyone who ventures downstairs and birthing more of it's toothy, sperm-shaped brood. Eventually, it's up to a plucky horror-fanatic kid to kill the monster. Great fun.

Check out the trailer here!

Next Friday i'll be back with the full-reveal of the Demons poster for Saturday's show, and a bonus "Feature Creature" to boot! See you then.

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