Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Who Are These Unholy Savages Who Hunt Out Their Victims By Sound Alone?

It’s been a long time since i’ve updated this blog with a new “Feature Creature”, and for that i am sorry! I’ve been caught up with a number of commissions that have eaten up my free time, but i aim to rectify that and continue doing “Feature Creature” paintings. This week, i finally tackled a monster that i’ve wanted to paint literally since i started this blog, but never got around to for one reason or another. I’m talking about one of my favourite fiends of all time, the ravenous templar knights, the blind dead! For my money, the most purely METAL of all creatures. For example: The blind dead were once ancient templar knights who turned against their religious order to worship foul and abhorrent gods, practicing bizarre rituals involving drinking the blood of virgins to attain eternal life! Eventually, the townspeople of a local village got real fed up with that shit, stormed the templars’ castle, and slaughtered the lot of them. But before they did, they poked out the templars’ eyes to prevent them from finding their way back from HELL. Awesome. Of course, it didn’t work, so now the templars wait for their ancient grave-sites to be disturbed by the unwary, so they can rise as mummified fiends on undead horses, hunting the living by listening for their panicked heart-beats in their unending quest for BLOOD! Damn. The movies themselves (There are four.) vary in quality, but the films are held together by their spooky atmosphere and totally iconic monsters. Anyway, i hope you enjoy my tribute painting, and i highly recommend you check out some of the films. Here’s a trailer!

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