Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Feature Creature Sticker Set Volume 3! Coming Soon!

Hey guys, sorry for the long hiatus in “Feature Creature” entries. I promise i’m going to try and fix that very soon. I have a lot of ideas for future pieces that i’m excited to get started on. For now, i wanted to show you something i did for fun that is going to end up being the first sticker in the next “Feature Creature” sticker set, a creature from the little-seen British weirdo sci-fi horror, “XTRO”. I’m going to try and make this sticker set a jumbo 8-pack! I really can't recommend "Xtro" enough. It's bizarre, and disturbing, and there's really nothing else much like it. You should definitely check it out, if you have the constitution. Anyways, stay-tuned for more information! You all rule! - Trevor

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