Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Terrifying!! All the Dark Forces of Black Magic ... Hurled Against a Man And a Woman Who Dare To Scoff!"

Dr. John Holden, in an attempt to expose cult leader Julian Karswell, is slipped a piece of paper containing a death curse! As strange occurences keep happening, John Holden becomes convinced that he is being stalked by a demon. His only chance, slip the cursed paper back to Karswell without him realizing it! And time grows short...

"Curse of the Demon" is creepy, old-school gothic horror, very much in league with the classic "The Haunting". The titular demon is seen quite early in the film, which was very much not the director's intention. The demon was supposed to be always hinted at and glimpsed, without ever showing the audience a good look at it's face. The producers of the film thought otherwise, and eventually, the demon was decided to be featured prominently in the film and poster art. I love the creature design, obviously, but i'm a huge sucker for films that can get away with hinting at the horrible. Your mind is your own worst enemy in these cases, and will scare you with what is suggested, not shown.

That said, "Curse of the Demon" is still surprisingly suspenseful for the time it was made, and the monster (realized through puppets, sound-effects, and fog) is really damn cool! Plus, it's the only monster movie referenced in a Kate Bush song (Hounds of Love), so it's got that going for it. Check it out!

Take a look at an early scene from the film here!

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