Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feature Creature Sticker Set #1!

Oh man, "Feature Creature" stickers have arrived! These were a lot of fun to produce, and i plan on doing a couple different sets if they go over well. Each sticker is about 3 inches by 3 inches on glossy sticker paper, and I'm going to put... them up on my Etsy store tomorrow afternoon. If you want a set reserved, just message me with your name on facebook, and i'll put a set on the store reserved for you. For $5.00, you'll get the following six stickers...

* Belial (from "Basketcase" 1982)
* Creep (from "Night of the Creeps" 1986)
* The Fly (from "The Fly" 1958)
* The Demon (from "Curse of the Demon" 1957)
* Cropsey (from "The Burning" 1981)
* Necronomicon (from "The Evil Dead" 1981)

Some of the most charismatic faces in obscure horror history, in sticker form! Now that's a deal!


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