Saturday, August 20, 2011

"It's A Headache From Hell!"

Today's Feature Creature is from the 1988 film, "Brain Damage", a strange and relatively unknown cult film about a guy named Brian living in New York who becomes host to a eel-like parasite named Aylmer. Aylmer needs human brains to live, so he injects Brian with a mysterious blue drug that induces euphoria. Brian becomes dependent on the drug, and is forced into helping Aylmer kill.

A sick and twisted metaphorical addiction story, "Brain Damage" is a greatly entertaining film. The acting and characterization are barely there, but it sports a fast pace, some wonderfully disgusting kills, and a wonderful villain in Aylmer. Singing, persuading and charming his way towards human brains, Aylmer is quite endearing. He's voiced by a famous tv horror host by the name of Zacherley, and he's the best part of the whole thing. Add some surreal drug trips, some gritty New York locales, and old-school stop motion effects, and you got a winner.

Check out the trailer here!

Listen to Aylmer's song!

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  1. AMAZING! I wish I waited a week to feature you on my blog. Brain Damage is one of my all-time favourite films.