Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Something is alive in the funhouse!"

Hey guys. Returning from a long absence of Feature Creature entries, this week's entry celebrates a great monster from an alright movie, "The Funhouse". Directed by Tobe Hooper in 1981, "The Funhouse" subverts the classic slasher movie formula of teens being offed by a killer, taking it to weirder, scummier places.

A bunch of teenagers decide to hide out overnight in their local travelling carnival's funhouse, only to witness a murder and end up being stalked by the deformed son of a carnie! Everything feels slightly dirty and menacing, and the film manages a really great atmosphere, but much of the film is a little slow. The monster, though, has always stuck with me since i first saw it as a kid. Ostensibly a guy in a halloween mask, the way it's shot and lit in the film was enough to burn it into my young retinas.

I hope you like my humble tribute painting.

Here's the trailer!

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