Thursday, June 9, 2011

"They eat so fast, you don't have time to scream."

In 1986, "Critters" introduced the Krites. All teeth and eyes and rolling fur, the Krites starred in a franchise spanning four entries, ranging in setting from small-town farms to outer space. The plot of the original film concerns the Brown family, whose farm is invaded by a group of alien criminal Krites on the run from a couple of shape-shifting bounty hunters. The action jumps back and forth between the Brown family fending off the Krites, and the alien bounty hunters busting ass in town while hunting the Krites.

The Krites have a pretty interesting combination of traits, with the ability to roll around like Samus from Metroid, the ability to shoot paralyzing spines from their back, and a nasty habit of clumping together into a gigantic rolling boulder of teeth and doom. They're pretty much just malevolent gopher freaks.

For my money, the second film is a little more entertaining, with the action expanding to encompass the entire town, rather than just the Browns' farm. But the first two entries are still both excellent fun. The third one has it's moments, (and Leonardo DiCaprio!), but the fourth entry in space, is a bore.

With the first two entries at least, you have a great trashy monster puppet double-bill. Just add beer.

View the trailer here!

Watch the best scene in "Critters 2".

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